LED Advantage

LED lighting outshines traditional methods of lighting and is a clear solution no matter what your application.

Consider this about LED lights:

  • LED offers the versatility to have a single unit project a variety of different colors without the use of gels, and the ability to achieve a much wider and deeper range of color hues by adjusting the intensity of each color group (More than 16 million color combinations with RGBAW color mixing).
  • LED lights can be controlled by DMX without the need for any additional dimmers.
  • Go wireless with long lasting Lithium Ion powered batteries and wireless DMX receivers.
  • LED lights require significantly less amperage for lower power consumption.
  • LEDs last significantly longer than traditional bulbs LED lights are typically lightweight and very portable. This means a wider range of delivery methods are available.
  • LED lights operate at much cooler temperatures, the lights can be placed very close to props without the concern for fire.